[Press] – Gary Scott Beatty’s Jazz Feature in Indie Comics Magazine #3

Gary Scott Beatty’s Jazz Feature in Indie Comics Magazine #3


An 8 page story in Gary Scott Beatty’s ’50s retro jazz style will appear in the new Indie Comics Magazine, scheduled for preorder in Diamond Comic Distributors’

August 2011 Previews catalog and available ONLY through Previews. The done-in-one tale features characters Beatty developed in his Xeric Grant winning

book Jazz: Cool Birth.


“After years of working in a grunge style, I’m now fascinated by the flat, design oriented jazz albums of the 1950s,” said Beatty. His Jazz: Cool Birth, a

murder mystery in a 1957 jazz club with art and typography based on ’50s album cover design, earned him a Xeric Foundation Grant in 2008.


The first alternative comic Beatty produced (They were called “underground” then) was on his high school’s ditto machine, after hours, without permission.

He colors, letters and produces comic books and magazines for a diverse range of companies and has written for Comic Buyer’s Guide.


Beatty studies album cover design, television program title artwork, and common illustrations used in everything from health booklets to instruction manuals

from the ’50s to develop a style unique to the new millennium. “I swear it’s harder to illustrate in this style,” he explained. “When you’re drawing

realistically, you have real objects to look at to let you know when it’s right.  With my design-oriented style, there’s nothing in reality for reference. It just

has to feel balanced, slick and communicate the right mood.”


The artist’s tools are modern and digital, but the process of pushing things around on the page remains the same as 1957, said Beatty. “Artists used to work

with T-squares and triangles, tracing paper, ruling pens and brush, preparing work for rotary letterpresses and similar hands-on intensive printing methods.

That’s where the style developed.”


Each issue of Indie Comics Magazine features full stories from many independent comic book creators, said Beatty. Short biographies and contact information are

included so readers can easily seek out more of the creators’ work. Beatty’s own done-in-one comic books are available at http://aazurn.com.


Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators. No huge overprint, no digital version, no back

issue sales, August’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine #3! Visit Indie Comics Magazine online at


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