Comic Book Reviews: 18 lines about 9 comics – 8/5/15

From Caleb Gerard:

18 more lines about 9 more comics… and the beat goes on…

Constantine: The Hellblazer #2 is solidly in it’s post-Convergence life. For all those mourning the demise of “Hellblazer” from Vertigo or, like me, missing the New52 “Constantine” this comic is meeting the needs of both audiences AND making me wonder if we are due for “mature readers” label for this and a couple of other mainstream DC books.

X-Men ’92 #4, a Secret Wars tie-in title. I’ve said it 3 times before and it doesn’t lose it’s potency to state the Scott Koblish truly understands the power of the digital comic format as each panel is built on the last and leads to the next sort of like those flip-page cartoons some of us would make as kids when bored showing some astronaut dealing with decompression and exploding (or was that just me?).

The Walking Dead #144. This had, for me, the biggest “holy shit” sequence in the history of this comic or even any comic in recent memory.

Inferno #3, a Secret Wars tie-in title. To be honest this issue is on this list only because of some truly inspired dialog from Dennis Hopeless like “We all have our crazy and yours is very specific” or “Illyana happened”

Civil War #1, a Secret Wars tie-in title. Charles Soule takes the divide of conscience from the Civil War event to the next logical place as the U.S. is divided in to two territories in a way that is (probably intentionally) reminiscent of Israel/Palestine.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2, a Secret Wars tie-in title. Peter Parker’s only mission in life is to make those he loves safe and sound and in this “what if” world from Dan Slott that truly hates the vigilante that would be Peter’s wife and daughter who he is willing to sacrifice his freedom and even his life for.

Batman/Superman #22 is running with the ongoing Clark Kent story in the Super-titles while integrating the new Batman status quo. Batman really comes off looking like a newbie at being a hero let alone a super one.

Lando #1, a Star Wars tie-in mini, no duh. Charles Soule makes the play list a second time this week with this heist-gone-wrong story that is worthy of a Guy Ritchie movie using most everyone’s 2nd favorite Star Wars rogue in role of lover-not-fighter in my now-favorite current Star Wars comic.

Archie #1… “Archie”??? Archie with Betty always felt righter to me than the other option and as Waid and Staples bring Riverdale in to the 21st century with this 1st person narration of the demise of their relationship I have never felt more vindicated.

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