Comic Book Reviews: 18 Lines About 9 Comics – 8/7/2015

From Caleb Gerard dated 8/7/2015:

This edition of 18 Lines About 9 Comics goes out to all the young lovers in the audience.

Squadron Sinister #2, a Secret Wars tie-in. Squadron Sinister be bad, they don’t take no $#!& from no Frightful Four or forget that no matter how bad@$$ they are Doom and the Thor Corps are supreme.

Saga #30 is the end of the current coda? All the hanging threads somehow get tied up to my satisfaction in just 1 issue as some of my favorites from the series are given a chance to catch their collective breath even though this reader knows that it is far from over… thank goodness.

Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2, a Secret Wars tie-in. If someone Gerry Dugan could take just a small iota of his incredible dialog and transfer it to his plotting this could easily surpass Squadron Sinister as the dark horse of the a Secret Wars tie-ins, but as it stands this book’s clear strength that gives it re-readability and cranks the fun up to 11 is the interaction of the characters.

Doomed #2 has already moved away from it’s post-Convergence set-up to stand all on it’s own. Still the biggest pleasant surprise to come out of all the new comics from DC as our main character has no idea what is going on and all he wants to do is some good in a world that thinks he’s the villain of the piece.

Korvac Saga #2, a Secret Wars tie-in. I’m honestly not certain if this infection idea is a new one however Dan Abnett makes it feel familiar while taking time out to give the Guardians (the originals) as well as a handful of Avengers also-rans decent story-beat moments.

Armor Wars #3, a Secret Wars tie-in. Armoring up the Marvel Universe puts me in mind of the Iron-Spider period however James Robinson takes a left turn and gives us a reason WHY everyone has to wear the armor then throws in a brother-versus-brother story that underlines why Tony Stark is one of the cornerstones of the MU (in most realities) and THEN makes me chuckle after a fight sequence beautifully choreographed by Marcio Takara.

Robin: Son of Batman #2 finds our hero on day 2 of redemption for a “year of blood”. Pat Gleason steps up as the next artist-turned-artist/writer and, at least this month, nails Damian Wayne’s pacing and dialog like an old hand which probably says a lot for his editor (editors?) as well.

Black Canary #2 takes our hero and her band of… um… bandmates on the road. This is one of the few books that I’ve enjoyed more because the art is so in tune with what the book is about which is a band on the run who just happen to be fronted by a superhero, so a HUGE thank you to Annie Wu who seems to be so in writer Brenden Fletcher’s head that they could be one person.

Secret Six #4 and only 1 month after #3 (he adds as unnecessary snark). If somehow Gail Simone could live off of writing only 1 book a month I would vote for this one because it is such over-the-top fun and games that I would vote for blowing up the rodent too then slap a “mature” label on the cover.

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